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American Muscle’s 7th Annual Car Show Was A Big Success

August 27, 2015 Mustang News No Comments

AMcarShow_2015 (8)

Last weekend American Muscle held their 7th Annual Mustang show at Maple Grove Raceway in Mohnton, PA with the event being a huge success. Over 3,000 Mustangs and 10,000-plus people enjoyed the event which raised $55,000 for the Make-A-Wish foundation charity. It was billed as the largest Mustang-only car show in the country with various events and automotive celebrities like Vaughn Gittin Jr, Steve Saleen and Chip Foose joining in on the fun.

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First Shelby GT350R Rolls Off Assembly Line at Flat Rock in Michigan

August 20, 2015 Mustang News No Comments


History has a way of repeating itself and today we have proof as the all-new Shelby GT350R model rolled off Ford’s Flat Rock Assembly Plant. The first iteration of the Shelby GT350R model was built in 1965 under the supervision of the iconic racer Carroll Shelby. Today his memory lives on with the newest Shelby GT350R model which is the best performance Mustang ever produced for the street and track.

“This is a special day for all Mustang enthusiasts,” said Bill Ford, executive chairman, Ford Motor Company. “We have taken the GT350 formula to the next level of innovation, style and performance. Today the legend continues.”

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Craigslist Find: Redneck 4×4 MUDstang is a thing of beauty

August 14, 2015 Mustang News No Comments


Its called the ‘MUDstang 4×4′ and for good reason as this beast of a Mustang is jacked up and ready to go off-road. Mounted on a Ford Bronco frame this Fox-Body 4×4 Mustang features a re-built 302 engine with a 3 speed transmission. This beauty could be yours for the low price of $4500. Check out the photos below. … Continue Reading

American Muscle Sponsoring Pro-Am Drifter Chris Allen and his Turbo Mustang GT

August 13, 2015 Mustang News 1 Comment


American Muscle is branching out to the world of drifting as they announce a sponsorship of Pro-Am drifter Chris Allen and his 2006 Turbocharged Mustang GT. Chris has been drifting for seven years and even appeared as a contestant on Ford’s Octane Academy. Chris’ Mustang is not your average pony as it features a custom fiberglass 2012 body wrapped with AmericanMuscle graphics and a 3V 4.6L Bama tuned V8 producing 406 horsepower and 412 lb.-ft of torque.

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July 2015 Ford Mustang Sales Stay Solid

August 4, 2015 Mustang News No Comments


As the Summer heats up across much of the country Ford Mustang sales seem to have hit a dry spell as month-t0-month sales took a dip. Coming off some of the best sales months in a long time sales of the Mustang in July took a dive by some 3200 units but remain solid. Why the dip you may ask? Historically July and August are typically lower than the previous months. Maybe the budget tightens as kids return to school and maybe folks are out of town on vacations. Whatever the reason lets not hit the panic button just yet. Expect lower numbers again next month as Summer comes to a close.

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Video: Shelby GT500 crashes into crowd

August 2, 2015 Mustang News No Comments


We have yet another jackass at a car show event who can’t control his burnout and just like all the others it ends badly. This time its a Shelby GT500 and the driver can’t control the 500 horses under the hood for 20 yards.

After spinning out the driver pops the curb and nearly misses several people in the crowd. This video has a happy ending as nobody was hurt and the driver pulled over to make sure. Keep reading to check out the video. … Continue Reading

2016 Shelby GT350R Mustang Photos and Video at Grattan Raceway

July 28, 2015 Mustang News No Comments

Shelby® GT350R Mustang at Grattan Raceway

A press event held by Ford Motor Company at Grattan Raceway in Belding, Michigan was one for the ages as they introduced the 2016 Shelby GT350R Mustang to a handful of journalists. Ford released several photos and some b-roll video of about a half-dozen 2016 Shelby GT350R Mustangs. Below are the photos and videos. Enjoy…

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Apollo Edition Ford Mustang In All Its Glory

July 16, 2015 Mustang News No Comments


For the eighth straight year, Ford Motor Company has created a unique, aviation-inspired Ford Mustang to benefit Experimental Aircraft Association youth education programs, including the Young Eagles. The Apollo Edition Mustang will be donated and sold via auction at the Gathering of Eagles charity event, July 23, at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2015 – the World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration.

All proceeds from the sale of the car will benefit EAA youth education programs, including the Young Eagles, which has provided free introductory flights to more than 1.9 million young people since 1992, helping grow the next generation of aviators.

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Video: Mustang Nitrous Backfire Ends Badly during Street Race

July 10, 2015 Mustang News No Comments


Things go from bad to worse for this Mustang street racer as his engine catches fire and then explodes due to a Nitrous backfire. The video starts to get good around the 2:05 mark as people start to panic when the Mustang catches fire. His friends try to put the flames out with their shirts only to be driven back by an explosion. At one point someone yells out for the almighty Mountain Dew fire extinguisher. The video is filled with plenty of expletives and drama. Keep reading to see the carnage of a nitrous backfire. … Continue Reading

‘Ford Apollo Edition Mustang’ to be auctioned for EAA Youth Aviators

July 9, 2015 Mustang News No Comments


Its July and you know what that means, a custom one-of-a-kind aviation themed Ford Mustang will be auctioned off for the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Young Eagles program. This year Ford has donated the ‘Apollo Edition Mustang’ which pays tribute to NASA’s iconic Saturn V rockets that launched 24 astronauts to the moon between 1968 and 1972.

“The Ford Apollo Edition Mustang salutes man’s greatest technological achievement, with the ingenuity, precision, and power that defined the spirit of American innovation,” … Continue Reading