2011 Ford Mustang V6 cranks out 305 horsepower and 30 MPG

November 30, 2009 Mustang News No Comments


The rumors and speculation can be laid to rest about the new engine in the 2011 Ford Mustang V6 as Ford has released official details on the new 3.7-liter V-6 all-aluminum dual overhead cam engine that cranks out 305 horsepower and gets a projected 30 mph highway miles.  The 2011 Mustang V6 also gets two new transmission options with a six-speed automatic and six-speed manual gearbox. 

The 2011 Mustang V6 also gets a new Electric Power Assist Steering system that eliminates the need for the engine-operated hydraulic power steering pump.  Also a new redesigned front fascia has been added to improve aerodynamics, new tire spats on rear wheels, modified unibody shields, taller air dam and a rear decklid seal has been added. … Continue Reading

My 2007 Shelby GT Has Been Sold

November 28, 2009 Mustang News 3 Comments


It has been a little over a month or so but as you can probably tell from the title and photo I have sold my 2007 Shelby GT.  I owned the Shelby for about 20 months and enjoyed driving it for the most part but in the end the lack of power had me hungry for more.  Now I am on to my next Mustang which will be my ninth in my 15-years of driving if I can find one I like.  The search has been ongoing after I knew the Shelby was sold and for the most part I have had no luck finding a replacement.  My standards might be to high but I am looking for a low mileage 2003-04 Cobra convertible again as I previously owned a 2003 Cobra convertible in Yellow.  … Continue Reading

Steve Saleen Launches SMS Superparts

November 26, 2009 Mustang News No Comments


During the SEMA show in early November Steve Saleen, president and CEO of SMS Supercars announced the formation of a nationwide sales, distribution and installation network called SMS Superparts. On its own display area, SMS Superparts showed a virtually unmodified 2010 Ford Mustang with the new SMS 296 Supercharger under the hood, as well as a production version of the 2010 SMS 570X Challenger in Sour Grape Green. Center piece at the impressive display was the SMS 296 Supercharger. … Continue Reading

Video: 2009 SEMA Show Mustangs Up Close

November 26, 2009 Mustang News No Comments

I know the 2009 SEMA show has come and gone but I came across this great video of all the Ford Mustangs at the Ford Display. The video is courtesy of Sam Haymart over at TheMustangNews.com who does a good job capturing all of the Mustangs up close on the show floor. Enjoy…

2010 Roush 427R Mustang makes Television Debut on ‘The Wannabes’

November 24, 2009 Mustang News No Comments


Roush Performance and S3 Entertainment Group, Michigan’s largest film and episodic television production company have partnered to bring Roush Performance vehicles into the television spotlight.  Several 2010 Roush 427R Mustangs will make their television debut on the first episode of the new TV series “The Wannabes”.  The new comedy TV sitcom “The Wannabes” follows six performing arts students who “wanna be” pop stars at any cost.  The new TV series is the first to be filmed completely in the state of Michigan.  Roush will also be providing propane-powered vehicles for “The Wannabes” tv show along with other productions from S3 Entertainment. … Continue Reading

2010 Mustang vs. Professional Skateboarders in Latest ‘10 Unleashed Campaign

November 21, 2009 Mustang News No Comments

The latest installment of the ‘10 Unleashed campaign has a 2010 Mustang GT showing off it’s skateboarding skills as it follows two professional skaters through the streets of Los Angeles.  Professional skateboarders Pat Duffy and Jake Brown provide the onscreen entertaiment as they do a multitude of ollies, 360’s and kickflips while the Mustang tries to keep up.  Some of the Mustang scenes are computer generated animation as you will see.  There are two videos, the first one above is the main short film while the one below is a behind the scenes look with filmmaker Jeff Richter commentating.  This film is a little out of the ordinary from previous films but I think Ford is trying to cover all types of genres. … Continue Reading

2011 Ford Mustang Details Leak Out, California Special Returns

November 19, 2009 Mustang News 7 Comments


As anticipation grows for the official announcement from Ford at the L.A. Auto Show about the 2011 Ford Mustang powertrain lineup, other model year details are starting to leak out.  In a recent fleet distribution news bulletin we have learned order banks open for the 2011 Mustang on January 18, 2010 and JOB 1 will be March 15, 2010.

The most important details to leak out on the 2011 model year were found while searching through the order bank computer and they include the return of the 402A Package which is the California Special (GT/CS) model and a Shelby Convertible was listed showing the 5.4-liter Supercharged 4V V-8 as the engine choice.  An SVT Performance Package (option 67F) was listed which includes … Continue Reading

Mustang Club of America Edition 2011 Ford Mustang to debut at LA Auto Show

November 19, 2009 Mustang News No Comments

mustang-club-of-america-logoIn December at the L.A. Auto Show we already know Ford Motor Company will release details about the upcoming engines for the 2011 Ford Mustang.  Now comes news a Mustang Club of America edition 2011 Ford Mustang V-6 will be unveiled.  The 2011 model year will mark the 35th anniversary of the Mustang Club of America existance as it was started back in 1976.  MCA is a non-profit organization and the largest officially licensed Mustang owners club in the world.  The MCA edition Mustang will be of the V-6 variety, no details yet so keep checking back.  Check out Mustang.org for more information on the Mustang Club of America.

Buzz Aldrin to be Honorary Race Chairman at Ford 400 NASCAR Race

November 18, 2009 Mustang News No Comments

buzz-aldrin-astronauntLegendary astronaunt Buzz Aldrin is best known for being the second man to walk on the moon after Neil Armstrong but this weekend he will be front and center as the Honorary Race Chairman at Homestead-Miami Speedway for the Ford 400 NASCAR sprint cup race.  Aldrin is being honored on a prerace stage before driving a 1969 Ford Mustang to lead the pace car and race field around the track.

“In this 40th-year celebration of man walking on the moon, what an honor to have Buzz Aldrin circle the ‘Championship Track’ in a 1969 Ford Mustang,” Homestead-Miami Speedway President Curtis Gray said in a news release. “Buzz is an American hero, and his presence at Homestead-Miami will serve as a deserving tribute to the history he and NASA made 40 years ago this year.” … Continue Reading

SVTOA Adopts New Club Logo, Address and Attitude

November 18, 2009 Mustang News No Comments


The Special Vehicle Team Owners Association (SVTOA), the official enthusiast club for fans of Ford SVT-produced vehicles, has adopted a new logo to coincide with the announcement of a new mailing address and a retooled business direction for the Michigan-based performance car club.

The new SVTOA logo should look quite familiar to followers of the SVT brand. That’s because it closely mirrors Ford’s own original SVT logo, incorporating the same “winding road” graphic that the niche group eventually replaced with the famed Ford oval. … Continue Reading