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2011 Mustang GT Photos Leaked, 5.0 Engine and Profile View

December 24, 2009 Mustang News 9 Comments


** Update: Just to clarify were the photos came from.  They were posted by Burlappcars.com.  I found them via Twitter.  No embargo was broken on my part nor do I have any 2011 Mustang GT information anyway. **

Merry Christmas Mustang fans.  I came across two leaked photos of the 2011 Mustang GT on Twitter today and thought some of you would like to see them.  Gotta love the 5.0 badge front and center on the engine.  For those living under a rock the 2011 Mustang GT is coming with an all-new 5.0-liter motor with 412 horsepower and 390 lb-ft 0f torque.  More photos below.

The 5.0-liter motor will be an all-aluminum engine featuring iron cylinder sleeves, forged crankshaft, four-bolt main bearings, high-performance pistons and connecting rods.  Another feature of the engine is vertical intake ports and twin independent variable valve timing.  New tuned exhaust headers on the new engine will eliminate the need for aftermarket headers thus helping the engine to breathe better.  The 5.0-liter motor will be mated to a 6R80 six-speed automatic or MT82 six-speed manual transmission.

More details should arrive once the embargo lifts around the 28th, check back than.

Source: Burlappcars.com

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  1. Matt says:

    Hey, nimwit, the embargo isn’t up until 12/28. Hope Ford sues your arses. Happy Holidays.

  2. Nope says:

    An “embargo” (see wikipedia) is an agreement between reporters and the organization preparing to release information. Breaking an embargo won’t get you sued, it will just get you blacklisted by PR people. Breaking a non-disclosure you’ve signed, well THAT will get you sued.

  3. Matt says:

    I broke no embargo nor do I have the info on the 2011 Mustang GT, the photos came from burlappcars.com. Check the source before you mouth off.

  4. mani says:

    good news. i love mustang. 5.0 gr8
    want more power…

  5. gosh says:

    gee whiz, my 1991 LSC has a 5.0 HO, seems they are
    making the aluminum version now.big deal,big bucks

  6. Cruz says:

    Well, they’re all up now, and more have been released. You can find interior pics, and see what the new rear and freer flowing dual exhaust of the 2011 Mustang V6 looks like too.

  7. Prity says:

    nice pics! and, for the dutchies among us: i’ve found this site to be useful to check for background on wegenbelasting berekenen.

  8. Very nice looking engine!

    Thanks for showing us!

    Nice and shiny Mustang!

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