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2012 Mustang Boss 302 Exterior Colors with Photos

August 15, 2010 Mustang News 3 Comments


The new 2012 Mustang Boss 302 color choices will be limited to either a black or white roof panel matched to the side C-stripe.  Exterior color choices include Competition Orange, Performance White, Kona Blue Metallic, Yellow Blaze Tri-Coat and Race Red.  For your viewing pleasure I have assembled and created pics of the exterior colors and please don’t laugh at my attempted Yellow Blaze photochop.  This should give you a sense of what each of the Mustang Boss 302 models will look like with the black alloy racing wheels. Enjoy the pics and photochops after the jump…

Photo Sources: Drew @ autoblog.com, themustangsource and Ford

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  1. Patrick Rafferty says:

    Great performance but goofy color contrasts on the roof and spoilers

  2. Elmo says:

    Yeah sure, that’s why all the greatest super cars out there have solid rear axles out back. It’s also why Ford is dligiently working on a cost-effective IRS for the 2013 Mustang. Cause the solid rear oxcart suspension is durable. For burnouts. Is all.

  3. big 'Boss' Mac says:

    I wouldn’t mind one of those white ones. If I was to think of what would make a great car investment it would be a Boss. AWESOME!!!!!

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