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July 11, 2010 1 Comment

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  1. Tarcila says:

    I purchase a Roush429R this past July reiecved it from shipping on the 24th of July on the 31st, a guy hit me did a pit mauenve ron the street and spun me out both passenger rims were damaged, and the front bumper. then i got that fixed and two weeks later a womman backed up into my front bumper and left a signifagant scratch on my Roush Bumper!!! I wa sin the process of getting a 5xr through john trishler at ray skillman performance and trading in the 429R. a third accident the Feduke ford dealership parked it onthe a incline facing up the hill. left the tranny in Reverse so when i auto started it it did a attempt to start and normally it wont when in neutral or even 1st because its the strongest gear but the Parking brake was not fully engaged it basically started it cause the remote start bypasses the clutch and it rolled through there dealership and smashed the quarter panel and rear bumper rear passenger tailight but we have to take it apart. Owning a roush was my dream after coming back from 3 tours overseas while a US Marine. I was injured in Iraq and currently on 100% disability. I took all the money I reiecved when the VA back paid me for 14 months of not having any income and took most of that lump sum for my downpayment. A 42K investment down the drain!!!! What kills me is I was never even in the car for two accidents and when i was driving another idiot hit me. I have had the worst luck. I don’t feel safe driving this wonderful car that is my pride and joy. It is all i have to show for 3 combat tours. I hate to complain cause i try to look at eveyday as a blessing but I have had the worst luck and just want to get rid of it before the next accident. I don’t wanna die in a vehicle that give me so much pleasure but so much heartache. Does any one any info or please tell me how to break even on a collector car 61/100 now my resale is gonna blow and honestly I don’t know what to do please someone help a fellow Roush owner. Tell me what to do considering all the shit ive been through in my life I don’t need anymore stress and that what it has become. I was gonna have a 5xr and trade the 429R towards it even have Team JDM in Jersey hook up a package for me. I proud but had the worst luck in 5 months of owning a ROUSH you can imagine. its a 429R with 6887 miles. Adult owned and I think i jus gotta sell it Its’ not for me 35K takes it now that its all fixed up call me my name is nick if interested. Thanks for reading my rants and raves

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