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19-year-old busted with 436 pounds of cocaine in his 1998 Mustang

May 20, 2011 Mustang News 1 Comment


Have you ever wondered what 436 pounds of cocaine looks like in the trunk of an SN-95 Ford Mustang?  Wonder no more as a 19-year-old kid was caught at a freeway checkpoint in California trying to slip by Border Patrol agents.   These checkpoints are littered along southern highways every couple hundred miles to catch idiots like this.  Agents became suspicious of the young driver during initial questioning so they decided to search his vehicle.  In the trunk agents found 62 packages of cocaine just laying there in the trunk.  Street value of the coke was estimated at more than $4 million.  The driver was arrested on suspicion of drug smuggling and turned over to the DEA.

Source: kwch.com

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  1. RedRyder says:

    That’s a lot of cocaine. I’m not up on the federal guidelines governing sentencing based on weight, but that dude is going to prison for a long time. At 19, he’s running drugs for some big dealer…hopefully rats him out. As for the pony, let’s hope it is auctioned to a good care giver.

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