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May 2011 Ford Mustang Sales Figures Released

June 1, 2011 Mustang News 7 Comments


Mustang sales numbers have been released by Ford Motor Company for the month of May and to our surprise they are down sharply from the previous month.  Mustang sales were moving right along in March and April but May has brought us back to reality with close to a 20% decrease from the previous month.  Looks like high fuel prices and the stalling economy are weighing heavy on buyers minds. Check below for the complete rundown.

Sales of the Ford Mustang for May of 2011 were 6,607 compared to 10,225 from May of 2010 showing a 35.4% decrease in sales from the previous year. Year to date Mustang sales are 30,206 compared to 31,061 for 2010, which is a 2.8% decrease over the previous year.

Month to Month sales took a nosedive as April 2011 sales were 8,180 compared to  May 2011 sales of 6,607 which is a 19% decrease.

Taking a look at the competition the Chevrolet Camaro sold 9,451 and the Dodge Challenger sold 3,418 units for May.

Previous Months sales figures are below:

April 2011 – 8,180

March 2011 – 8,557

February 2011 – 3,697

January 2011 – 3,165

December 2010 – 5,452

November 2010 – 4,093

October 2010 – 5,317

September 2010 – 5,760

August 2010 – 5,570

July 2010 – 7,489

June 2010 – 8,974

May 2010 – 10,225


Source: Ford

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    • Robert says:

      You’ve been everywhere on the net posting this crap John. Just because you screwed-up three transmissions…that’s right, three! You are absolutely pathetic at how you are going about this. What about the other cars you’ve had problems with? You could have lemoned your mustang, but didn’t. There is much more behind the scenes than you are letting out. Does your puss hurt too?

  1. Matt says:

    I have to disagree with you. Most people who own 2011 Mustangs have no clue there is a transmission issue. I own a 2011 GT and have had no issues with my tranny. Most folks who are speaking up about the trannsmission issue will end up being a small percentage of sales.

  2. Patrick says:

    Yes John, I’m sure $4-$5 per gallon gas has nothing to do with people not buying as many muscle cars. Must be the tranny issue that almost no one has heard about. That’s it.

    • jhb says:

      Well, SOMETHING is turning people off. I’ve been flirting with getting one, had two test drives in the past 2 months, test drove a Camaro SS, and looked at an SRT8 6.1, but kept going back to the Mustang. This is the first time I’ve come across this info, I looked at the YouTube videos, and am completely turned off.

      The Camaro is not a fun car to look out of – it’s a bit more refined to drive, but the visibility sucks. When you see 50% more Camaros being sold than Mustangs, you better start fixing the darn Mustangs!

      • ohiodale says:

        There are no transmission issues with the Mustang. Mustang sales will be lower than Camaro because everyone who wants a Mustang already has one. The Mustang is hands down the best design of all the muscle cars. Once people pay off their 5 years loans of their current Mustangs the sales will pick back up.

  3. Ralph says:


    Math apparently isn’t your friend because the Camaro didn’t sell 50 percent more in May.

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