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February 17, 2011 1 Comment

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  1. Jose says:

    Here are some useful tips in chnsoiog a name for your cat.- Please remember that the pet-name you choose will used dozens of times a day to call, praise and perhaps scold.- Pick a name that the pet can easily recognize. Animals respond better to one or two syllable names.- Choose a name that’s both easy to call out and one that you are happy calling out.- If chnsoiog a long name keep in mind the shortened version. A long name will inevitably be shortened, but it may ruin the effect that you were originally looking for.- The pet’s breed heritage can provide some useful inspiration. For example: Siamese, Balinese, Korat, and Burmese are Oriental breeds; Don Sphynx and Peterbald are Russian; Abyssinian is Egyptian; Chartreux is French; Bombay are British; Devon Rex is English.- Waiting a few days to study your pets behavior can help pick the right name. The Personality and Appearance categories may assist here.- Pick a name that will grow with the pet. For example “Kitten” may be less appropriate for a full grown cat. In my opinion, it’s more meaningful when you name your pet yourself. Check out these websites for tons of pet name ideas you can search by breed, gender, color, meaning, and first letter of the name.

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