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eBay: 1968 Shelby ‘Eleanor’ Mustang body from Unique Performance

June 21, 2012 Mustang News 3 Comments


Back in 2008 the government held an auction at the former Unique Performance building in Dallas, Texas to try and collect as much money as possible to pay down the massive IRS tax bill, former employees and customers who were ripped off.  Among the auction items were fully built cars, engines, parts and half built vehicles.  One such piece from the Unique Performance auction was a 1968 Shelby ‘Eleanor’ Mustang body that has shown up on eBay.

More than 300 man hours have been put into the restoration and painting of the body.  The body comes with a clear title and a VIN so the new owner can complete the Shelby continuation vehicle if they so desire.  Check out all the photos below or head on over to eBay for more information.

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  1. ceorg-europe says:

    man 300 man hours!? this must be a work of art. Cant wait to see the car completely built!

  2. claweb says:

    wow looks to be such an amazing body for a car. I hope that they post more pics when they finish building it…

  3. dfow says:

    that is alot of money for a body lolz. Must be totally worth it though

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