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EcoBoost Mustang becoming reality according to Product Chief Derrick Kuzak

January 14, 2012 Mustang News 3 Comments


During a press event at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show, Ford’s group vice president of global product development Derick Kuzak was questioned about the future of a possible EcoBoost Mustang. He was quoted as saying “Given the success we’ve had with EcoBoost across the lineup that we’ve talked about, it’s fair to assume that we will have an EcoBoost Mustang in the very near future.”

Take this for what its worth and I would say a Turbo Mustang is headed are way very soon. The last time Ford built a Turbo Mustang was in 1986 when the SVO Mustang was in production. Back then the SVO Mustangs 2.3L 4cyl engine produced 205 horsepower, 5 more horsepower than the 5.0L engine in 1986. Ford built just 9,844 SVO Mustangs from 1984-1986.

Where will the new EcoBoost engine fall in the Mustang engine lineup, will it replace the 305 horsepower 3.7-liter V6, not likely according to insiders as it will merely be another engine option.  The engine of choice will most likely be the 2.0L four-cylinder found in the Focus ST which produces 247 horsepower.

Check back often and soon for more on the future of the EcoBoost Mustang.

Source: CarandDriver.com

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  1. Rhett says:

    This is probably one of the dumbest things Ford could do. Dropping a 4 banger into a Mustang should have never even be thought of and definitely should not have been put into action.

  2. Speedzzter says:

    EcoBoost V8! EcoBoost V8! EcoBoost V8!

    (However, to be somewhat realistic . . . the coming increases in CAFE standards are probably going to require some “economy” engine offerings in the Mustang. So an EcoBoost four or maybe an EcoBoost six is likely)

  3. Jurgen says:

    The whole purpose of the svo was to make a sports car out of the mustang meaning better handling and brakes with the added benefit of fuel economy. I will only consider the modern interpretation to be a worthy replacement if they try to improve handling and braking with the upcoming model. If the only difference is the engine then it will not be an authentic replacement worthy of the badge SVO.

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