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Ford releases photo of 2013 Mustang pony projection light feature

January 10, 2012 Mustang News 4 Comments


One of the new features found on the 2013 Mustang is the pony projection light coming from the underside of the side-mirrors.  This new feature is a first for Ford and what better vehicle to debut it on than a Mustang with the iconic image of the running horse projected on the ground.  The pony image is activated when the driver unlocks the door.  Check out a high-res photo of the new feature below.

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  1. RedRyder says:

    Very cool. Neat idea. Having a projected cobra would be cool for the Shelbys. Question…is it only projected while the door is open or is it possible to have it projected while driving?

  2. GiJoe says:

    Looks Gay

  3. Ted Danson says:

    It’s not g.a.y. it’s G.H.E.Y Was planning to buy one soon but now I’m hoping this crap isn’t on the 2014 model.

  4. ivan says:

    what this isnt gay this is badass. imagin your parked somewere and your about to leave and you see a bunch of ricers with there cars and you see them walking by your mustang and you hit the unlock button and it illuminates the pony on the ground and they see it and think to them selfs fuck thats just bad ass. and you thinking yeah thats right thats my Mustang.

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