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Full Gallery of 2013 Mustang Photos released by Ford

March 15, 2012 Mustang News 4 Comments

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SKV_8638 2013MustangColors-Photos 13MUST_RP620_Y0V7027

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Ford has just released a whole slew of new 2013 Mustang photos for the V6, GT and California Special models.  The photos show most every aspect of the refreshed 2013 model including the taillights, glass roof, front and rear fascias, wheel choices and new colors.  The photos come just in time as shipments of 2013 Mustangs are headed to dealerships nationwide for eager buyers.  Check out all the 2013 Mustang photos released by Ford below.  Enjoy…

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  1. Phillip Coffey says:

    i love the mustang, period. end of quote. but i expected a little more out of the cali special. maybe when it is fully dressed i’ll feel differently. everything else is pure adrenaline rush (hey! be a good name for the GT model). for mustang lovers there are no others. what i would like to see is a retro high sierra edition. go ahead, make my mouth water… (more).

  2. Phillip Coffey says:

    hey! you missed the perfect lead in line for “project detroit”. INSPECT OUR GADGET MUSTANG!

  3. Betty Smith says:

    Name the colors? I like the blue/purple & the green!

  4. William says:

    I drove a Mustang when I lived in the USA in the early ’80’s..I enjoyed the experience very much..but why do Americans demand such ugly cars? The ’83 model (may have been ’84 ) was much more ‘understated’; far less ‘brutish’ in appearance compared with the ’13 offering….maybe it is the ‘European’ in me but………..WK

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