Video: Mustang drivers shut down California highway with some drifting hoonage

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A few idiot Mustang drivers thought it would be cool to shut down a Oakland, California highway to showcase their drifting skills or lack there of.  From the video we can make out a Fox Body hatch, a black S197 coupe and a white SN95 convertible.  Check out the video below if you can stomach the stupidity. … Continue Reading

Photo of the day: Ford Mustang Hearse caught out and about in Mexico City

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How would you like to be driven to your final resting place in his custom made Ford Mustang Hearse?  StangTV got the scoop on this stretched Ford Mustang hearse that was recently photographed on the streets of Mexico City. Check out both photos below. … Continue Reading

eBay: Lot of 49 Ford Mustangs from 1964-70 up for grabs

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Have you ever wanted to buy 49 classic Ford Mustangs at one time, well now is your chance as someone from Detroit Lakes, Minnesota has put the whole lot up for bid on eBay.  The auction consists of 49 Ford Mustangs from 1964-70 with most of them looking like they have seen better days.  Some of the Mustangs come with titles while others don’t and as you can see in the photos they look like they have been picked apart.

Included in the auction is a large group of Mustang parts including hoods, doors, panels, fenders, transmissions, interior parts and just about anything related to classic Mustangs. Starting bid for all 49 Mustangs and the parts is $49K.  Check out the complete car list below … Continue Reading

Original Ford Mustang Factory Brochures from 1964-2013

January 28, 2013 Mustang News 1 Comment


Its truly amazing what you can find on the internet these days as I just came across a site that has put together one of the largest collections of original Ford Mustang factory brochures.  The brochure years range from 1964-2013 with some years missing in between but from what I can see there are some great scans of all the classic Mustang brochures.  Among the factory original brochures include a few Shelby, SVT Cobra and specialty Mustang brochures.  Below I have listed the past 49 years of Mustang brochures with the links to each one to make it easier for you to go back and fourth. Enjoy… … Continue Reading

Video: Police Officer in Kentucky is third Mustang Customizer Winner!

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In the friendly, growing community of Lawrenceburg, Kentucky one unsuspecting police officer got the surprise of a lifetime as he pulled over what he thought was a stolen Mustang.  Turns out the vehicle he pulled over was actually his new Mustang GT designed exactly the way he did on Ford’s Mustang Customizer website.  Officer Michael C. walked up to the window and asked the driver to turn the vehicle off, instead he was presented with the key to his brand new Mustang GT.  Check out the video below to see his reaction. … Continue Reading

Garage Find: 1969 Shelby GT500 been sitting since the 80’s

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ShelbyGT500_GarageFind (1)

What are the odds of coming across a time capsule of a car like this all-original 1969 Shelby GT500 which has been sitting inside a Houston, Texas garage since the 80’s. I would say the odds are stacked against you but it seems like more and more barn and garage finds are surfacing lately.  This one owner 1969 Shelby GT500 was purchased in Virginia in 1969 and was driven until the middle 80’s when a series of small issues forced it off the road and into the owners garage for storage.

When it was parked in the middle 80’s the odometer read 62K miles and that’s where it stayed until recently when the owners son decided it was time to sell the Shelby for his father. … Continue Reading

Photo of the day: Gotta-Have-It-Green 2003 SVT Cobra

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One of the new colors for the 2013 Mustang was a very bright shade of green dubbed Gotta-Have-It-Green.  As unique as it may be its a love it or hate type color and for the most part the color was well received by the Mustang community.  One Mustang fan loved the new GHIG color so much he painted his entire 2003 SVT Cobra.  Its not bad looking but something tells me it was a good idea not to offer a green color option in 2003.  Check out more photos below. … Continue Reading

2013 Barrett-Jackson Mustang Auction Roundup

January 21, 2013 Mustang News 2 Comments


Another successful Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction in Scottsdale, Arizona has come to a close with several Mustangs and Shelby’s selling for big bucks.  One of the stars of the show, the 1968 Shelby EXP 500 ‘Green Hornet’ prototype Mustang failed to hit the reserve after receiving a bid of $1.8 million.  Carroll Shelby’s one-off tribute Shelby GT500 Cobra with the wide body kit also crossed the block but it came in with a disappointing $200K sale.

The top selling Mustang of the show belonged to the Ring Brothers who built an award winning 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1 dubbed the “Dragon”.  Check out some of the top selling Mustangs below.

… Continue Reading

1968 Shelby GT500 given to Sean Penn by Madonna as Wedding Gift up For Sale!

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1968 Shelby 500 GT Mustang 012

Wedding gifts are tradition for a bride and groom to exchange and for most couples walking down the isle a watch or some other piece of jewelry is usually a typical gift.  If you are a couple of means than the gifts get more expensive and that was the case when a classic Shelby GT500 was given to Sean Penn by Madonna when they married in Malibu, California back in 1985.

Little is known about the 1968 Shelby GT500 convertible other than it was the car they drove off in after the wedding.  Penn owned the vehicle for a few years until the divorce in 1987.  The car was one of the “brat pack” cars that Penn, Emilio, Sutherland and Sheen would drive around Beverly Hills and get into trouble in. … Continue Reading

2013 Shelby GT500 Super Snake ‘Wide Body’ debuts in Detroit

January 15, 2013 Mustang News No Comments

2013ShelbySS_widebody (2)

There was a lot of hype and buildup about the Shelby American debut in Detroit and they sure delivered with a new 2013 Shelby GT500 Super Snake ‘Wide Body’.  The GT500 Super Snake Wide Body represents the pinnacle of what Shelby American has to offer in the post-title arena.

As an added option to its Super Snake post-title package lineup the ‘Wide Body’ option will allow for up to 13-inch rear and 10-inch front wheels.  The massive tires will help put all of the 850 horsepower to the pavement as it screams down the road like a true supercar. … Continue Reading