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’50 Years’ Mustang T-Shirt Giveaway, Yes Its Free Folks!

July 24, 2013 Mustang News 21 Comments


We were lucky enough to get our hands on a ’50 Years’ Mustang Tee shirt and we are giving it away for FREE.  The T-Shirt proudly displays the ’50 Years’ Mustang pony logo front and center.  The tee is 100% pre-shrunk heavyweight cotton and it comes in various sizes from M-2XL.  These shirts along with other ’50 Years’ merchandise can be purchased at FordClubMerchandise.com.

To enter our contest post a comment below telling me how much you love Mustang Heaven and Like us on Facebook.  Be sure to include your first name and a correct email in the comment below.  Contest will run through Sunday July 28th at Noon.  I will notify the winner Sunday night.  Keep checking back because we have more 50 Years Merchandise to giveaway.

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  1. As a mustang fan since birth, even being brought home in a 92 5.0, I’ve always lived and breathed mustangs. I even first learned to drive stick on the same mustang I was brought home from the hospital in. Sadly i was rear ended by a drunk driver and totaled this special mustang in 2011. We almost bought a 2012 mustang but heard on Mustang Heaven that the 2013 mustang would be getting new LED tail lights and a new GT500 inspired fascia with HID headlights. Mustang Heaven is my #1 go to place for mustang news, whether good or bad. This site is even how I originally heard the rumors of the now famous Coyote motor.

    Alexander Schlesinger

  2. Stephen Weems says:

    I’m new to mustang heaven but I must say I totally fell in love with this page. Any and everything mustang! You guys are great! Thanks!

  3. Deanne says:


  4. MARK says:

    I check your website daily to see what interesting articles you have added plus I’m on pins and needles waiting to see the next pictures or video of the new Mustang. By the way thanks for keeping us abreast of any news regarding the new Mustang. With every artists’ illustration or photo we are getting a better idea of what the new Mustang will look like.

  5. Alex B says:

    Only place it could call its virtual heaven

  6. Kelly P says:

    I have enjoyed Mustang Heaven! Love all the articles and gorgeous cars!! 🙂

  7. Nelson says:

    I too check your website on a daily basis. You are great,as always. Thanks

  8. Joe says:

    I love all the great information and news on Mustang Heaven it also helps pass the time when I am overseas too. So thanks MH and keep up what you do best.

  9. Jesse says:

    My friend always sends me artcles from Mustang Heaven to my work email. We both own speciality Mustangs. Great articles! Reading makes for a nice break at work.

  10. Luis R says:

    Like most people that check your website, Im a huge mustang fan. Im on it multiple times a day, trying to get the lastest on the upcoming 50th mustang.
    I enjoy the articles on here and ask to keep them coming.

    LoVe me some Mustang Heaven.

  11. Sally U says:

    Mustang Heaven makes me drool. 🙂 Love all things Mustang!

  12. Jim Elsasser says:

    Mustang Heaven is where I get my updates for everything Mustang. On my 9th Mustang since 1972. 2013 Black GT. I’d like to think that I’m going to Mustang Heaven when the time comes

  13. '05_GT says:

    This is my 1st (and most used) stop for Mustang news, so hopefully that qualifies!

  14. Dan says:

    Your site is one of the first sites I visit each day. The articles and photos keep me coming back. Keep up the great work on helping Ford sustain the Mustang Craze. Mustang Heaven Rocks!

    Dan — 99′ GT 35th Anniv. (Silver Conv.)

  15. Nick J says:

    One of the few classy and navigable Mustang sites left. It seems I’m referring you guys to someone every week, and consistently hearing feedback about much of an asset you are for reliable and updated coverage. Keep up the good work.

  16. CobraMatt says:

    And the Winner Is…………………….’05_GT…………….. Congrats.

    Thanks everybody for the comments.

    Sometime this week we will give away another ’50 Years’ item so keep checking back.

  17. Nick says:

    I LOVE Mustangs, and Mustang Heaven. Just bought a 13′ GT in January and this shirt would go nicely with it!!

  18. Jason says:

    Mustang Heaven appeals to many of us Mustang fanatics like me. As an owner of a 1966 hardtop since 1983 also happens to be my first car for high school, college and the working world. I gave the pony a break from daily driving in 1990 when I bought another car and have kept the ’66 since. I have owned a 1996 Mustang V6 that I had for several years. I bought a 2006 Stampede Edition Mustang (new) which is very rare for only 500 were made by FORD.
    Mustangs are the very life for many of us and thanks to you for keeping our Mustang dreams going! It would be really cool to be picked.
    Thank you.

  19. Tim says:

    I currently own 3 Mustangs and I am literally in Mustang heaven. Your page is a representation to my Mustang personality. I would love to sport that shirt at the 50th birthday party next year. 2X is what I need. Thanks

  20. Joe Robinson says:

    I have owned 4 Mustangs…..a 66, 86, 2000, and currently a 2010 Kona Blue Convertible. I have always loved the Mustang and shared that enthusiasm with fellow pony owner in the St Louis area. Mustang Club of St Louis was a great fit however after 3 years some of the group left and for Gateway Cruisers. I joined MOCSEM and rejoined MCA. I absolutely love my current pony and I have gotten comments like “Sick” and “Lush”……..hmmmmmm

  21. ron says:

    As the Vice President of The Mustang Club of Greater Mt. Clemens I would be proud to wear this all week at the Woodward Dream Cruise!

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