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Latest 2015 Ford Mustang illustration could be the real deal

January 7, 2013 Mustang News 7 Comments


A forum member over at TheMustangSource claims to have seen some concept drawings and models of the 50th anniversary 2015 Ford Mustang  in various phases of development.  Like any Mustang enthusiast would do he put his amateur artist skills to the test and this illustration is what he came up with.

As the drawing shows the front of the 2015 Mustang illustration closely resembles the new Ford Fusion and the grille of the current GT500 with a little Evos flair thrown in.  What you may also notice is the overall shape of the car looks very similar to the 2014 Aston Martin Vanquish which he says he used as a basis for his drawing because they look so close in design.

If this illustration is any indication of what the 2015 Mustang looks like I can say Ford is on the right track and may have another home run on their hands.  Let me know what you think in the comments.

A high-contrast version of the same illustration:


Below I have posted a few photos of the 2014 Vanquish including an interior shot to give you some kind of idea of how the Mustang could look.




Source: TheMustangSource

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  1. Michelle says:

    I personally don ‘t support the idea of the new mustang being like an Aston Martin because it would look like Ford copied Aston and people would think they have lost their imagination

    • alex says:

      i can only hope it looks like that ! i bought a rt challanger for the looks instead of the mustang or camaro! ive owned two mustang gt,s a 98 2001.liked the looks of both but hated the 2005. nice to see ford get back to more of the modern sleek look. a ford over head cam motor is always great. it beats a chevy or a hemi pushrod engine any day. if they can keep the gt at 33 grand i will be at the ford dealer in the summer of 2014 when they relase it for the showroom floor.

    • Christian P says:

      It should look like an Aston, Ford makes Aston Martin!

  2. robert says:

    i like it! if its to sell over seas then yes it will. i have had an 08 stang and now a 2010. i like mine as it looks like a stang , im 58 so i like retro but i see the need to go beyond that and appeal to the younger people. even so i like it a lot and if it were not the fact i plan to retire in a few years i would get one. my 2010 has only 19k on it. v6 pony pack loaded leather sync system ect ect so no need to get one, if i win the lotto all bets are off..lol

  3. chuckc says:

    Ford doesn’t own aston martin anymore.

    • John says:

      They are no longer the major share holder but they still own 25% of the company. They also still build the engines for it at the cosworth plant in germany. This plant makes the 6.0L V12 and the V8 used in the AM..

  4. SpencerDave says:

    Make mine in Grabber Blue with white stripes!

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