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Shelby American assembles First 2013 Shelby GT350 w/Photos

August 9, 2012 Mustang News No Comments

2013ShelbyGT350Build (22)

Shelby American was kind enough to shoot a gallery of photos as they assembled the first 2013 Shelby GT350 in Gotta Have It Green.  The photos show the entire transformation starting with a base 2013 Mustang GT to the end result depending upon what the customer orders.  Shelby GT350 come naturally aspirated with around 450 horsepower or you can opt for the Supercharged version that delivers upwards of 600 horsepower.  Most of the assembly takes place at the front of the car with the interior receiving a bevy of upgrades.  Check out the whole process in the photos below. … Continue Reading

Official 2013 Shelby GT350 Details and Photos revealed

June 28, 2012 Mustang News 1 Comment


Even with the passing of Carroll Shelby his company Shelby American is still going strong as they announce updates for the limited edition 2013 Shelby GT350 post-title package.  For the 2013 model Shelby American will offer a GT350 in coupe or convertible and in any color the 2013 Mustang is available in.  Other changes include new visual styling cues and optional performance upgrades which will differentiate this model from previous years. … Continue Reading

2016 Shelby GT350 spied testing at SVT facility in full camo

September 20, 2013 Mustang News 2 Comments


This 2015 Ford Mustang prototype may look like your ordinary test mule out for a Sunday drive but a few hidden clues tell us all we need to know.  What you are looking at is an SVT test mule for the upcoming 2016 Shelby GT350.  As we already know the Shelby GT500 and its monster 662 horsepower engine will be phased out.  Taking its place will be a naturally aspirated high-revving coyote motor most likely finding a home in the 2016 Shelby GT350.  It all makes sense with the next generation Mustang shedding some weight and size. … Continue Reading

Video: Ford Mustang Countdown series pays tribute to Carroll Shelby

September 19, 2013 Mustang News No Comments


To honor Carroll Shelby the Ford Mustang countdown video series chronicles how Shelby transformed the Mustang into a high-performance machine. A year after the first Ford Mustang hit the market Carroll Shelby transformed what he called a secretary’s car into the 1965 Shelby GT350, a low production performance minded vehicle ready for whatever you throw at it. Carroll went on to develop even faster versions with the GT500 and GT500KR “King of the Road”. Keep reading to watch the video. … Continue Reading

Shelby American to auction Serial #1 Shelby GT350 wide body convertible at Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas

September 19, 2013 Mustang News 1 Comment


Shelby American will auction the first 2012 Shelby GT350 (serial #1) wide body convertible at the Barrett-Jackson collector car auction in Las Vegas which takes place September 26-28. The blue with white stripes wide body muscle car (Lot#750) is slated to be auctioned before an international audience at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino where the event is held.

Shelby American will display some of its latest high performance vehicles during the event, and will offer rides to the public in the Shelby Focus ST, supercharged GTS and Shelby GT350 as a part of Ford Motor Company’s Hot Lap ride experience. … Continue Reading

Last retail 2014 Shelby GT500 convertible sells for $500,000 at Hot August Nights auction

August 11, 2013 Mustang News No Comments


At the Barrett-Jackson sponsored Hot August Nights auction in Reno, Nevada the last retail 2014 Shelby GT500 convertible sold for $500,000.  The winner of the auction will have the opportunity to pick out the color and options of his/hers Shelby GT500 convertible.  The auction was very significant as this might be one of the last modern Shelby GT500’s to be produced.  Rumor has it Ford will be producing a Shelby GT350 model in 2016 to carry on the Shelby legacy but the future of the Shelby GT500 is uncertain. … Continue Reading

Shelby American ends production of Shelby GT350 post-title package

July 29, 2013 Mustang News No Comments


Shelby American has made it official, the Shelby GT350 post-title package will be killed off at the end of the year.  Why are they stopping production of the Shelby GT350 package you might ask, well rumors have circulated Ford will be building a Shelby GT350 Mustang model in 2016 on the next generation Mustang platform.  Ford is rumored to be producing the new GT350 model that will be powered by a naturally aspirated version of the Coyote 5.0 V8 engine pumping out close to 500 horsepower.  Keep reading for all the details. … Continue Reading

Ford to build Shelby GT350 Mustang model in 2016

June 21, 2013 Mustang News No Comments


Here we go again with the he said/she said game of rumors and reporting on the next model coming down the Ford pipeline.  Just last week the rumor was Ford would be dropping the Shelby GT500 moniker for a naturally aspirated SVT Cobra and now the Shelby GT350 Mustang model is set to return for 2016, one year after the 2015 Ford Mustang debuts.

We actually reported on the Shelby GT350 model returning back in December of 2012 as Shelby enthusiast and collector Stephan Becker predicted the return was 100% true.  He claimed before Carroll Shelby passed away he signed the deal with Ford to produce a Shelby GT350 model.  It seems Becker was right but just one year off and it makes sense to debut the Shelby GT350 model in 2016 as Ford would not want to take anything away from the launch of the all-new redesigned 2015 Ford Mustang. … Continue Reading

eBay: 1966 Shelby GT350 Hertz edition in Sapphire Blue rarely seen

March 17, 2013 Mustang News No Comments

1966GT350Hertz_SaphireBlue (1)

When you think of a 1966 Shelby GT350 Hertz edition I bet the first colors that come to mind are black and gold but Shelby American produced three other color combinations including the Sapphire Blue model above.  All told the 1966 Shelby GT350 Hertz edition came in four color combinations including Raven Black, Wimbledon White, Candy Apple Red, Sapphire Blue and Ivy Green.

In all 1001 of these Mustang fastbacks were built by Ford for the Hertz rental car company. … Continue Reading

One-of-a-Kind 1967 Shelby GT500 Super Snake test vehicle to cross block at Mecum

March 13, 2013 Mustang News No Comments


In 1967 Carroll Shelby not only partnered with Ford on the GT350 and GT500 he was also the West Coast distributor for Goodyear tires.  During production of the GT500’s that year Shelby was approached by Goodyear to take part in a promotional event for its new Thunderbolt line of economy tires.

After throwing around ideas one thing led to another and Shelby agreed to use a GT500, number 544 off the assembly line to be exact.   Instead of using the stock police interceptor 428 ci engine found in the GT500, Shelby instructed Fred Goodell, Shelby American’s chief engineer on loan from Ford to prepare a special engine for the GT500 which turned out to be the mother of all 427’s. … Continue Reading