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The Boss Mustang
As reported in MM&FF by Jim McCraw: Team Mustang is hard at work figuring out the right combination of power, tires and wheels, interior trim and exterior graphics for the '04 Mustang Boss, with Shinoda-style up-and-over hood, rear, and side graphics and an engine combination similar to the Bullitt and Mach 1. Team Mustang is looking at potential volumes as high as 10,000 units for the '04 Model year. Colors will be hot throwbacks to the blues, oranges and yellows of the original Boss 302, and they might even have time and room to put the new 5-liter engine in it after all. More news on the way...
The Mach 1000 Audio System
Audiophiles will be delighted with the option of a speed-sensitive, Mach 1000 audio system with a 6-disc, In-dash CD changer. The Mach 1000 delivers 570-watts RMS (1,140-watts peak power) with a 60-watt parametrically equalized amplifier, six 85-watt subwoofer amplifiers, four 5.5 x 7.5-inch subwoofer speakers, four midrange tweeters and two 10-inch, trunk-mounted, acoustic suspension subwoofer enclosures. The Mustang is also available with an MP3 CD-player that plays regular or MP3 CDs with bit rates of 56K to 320 bps.
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