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AEM Brute Force Air Intake Install

2001 Mustang GT 4.6L
Key Features:
  • Fits 1996-03 4.6L Mustang GT Exc. Bullit 4.6L w/o Heatshield
  • One-piece, four-layer cotton gauze AEM filter provides superior filtration
  • Constructed of CNC mandrel-bent 6061 aluminum with TIG-welded fittings and brackets for maximum durability
  • Utilizes a complete hardware kit with soft mounts for a guaranteed perfect fit
  • Includes Filter Cleaning System
  • Manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A.
  • Every system is C.A.R.B. exempt, or pending C.A.R.B. exemption
  • Limited lifetime warranty

The installation was easy with no special tools required. The only tools required are a 3/8 drive rachet, sockets and a flat head screwdriver. The directions were good and covered every step needed. The only difficulty in the whole installation was installing the 3/4" plug into the air tube. The plug provided was not rubber put plastic and was too large to fit into the hole in the air tube. I had to modify the plastic plug by cutting small sections out of the portion that fits into the hole. Having the air tube with a chrome finish really makes things look sharp under the hood. I did notice a slight improvement in performance but have not noticed any change in gas mileage. I do a lot of "in town, stop and start" driving so I really was not expecting a change. I will need to check it the next time I do some long highway driving. All in all the system looks great and improved performance.

Before Photo of 2001 GT Intake System

First thing before any installation under the hood or your Mustang is that you make sure the engine has had adequate time to cool down. What I mean by this is that all engine parts inside on the engine are cool to the touch. This will ensure no burn related injuries will occur while working on your car. Also you should always remove the positive battery cable while working with any electrical components.


Step 1: Loosen hose clamp connected to the throttle body using a nut driver or flat head screwdriver. Next gently pry or slip off both hoses connected to the side of the air inlet tube. These hoses will be reused on the new system. Move these hoses out of the way for now.


Step 2: Disconnect the fittings connected to the mass air sensor and the air tempature sensor on the rubber intake hose. Both should slide off with some ease. Be careful not to break the plastic fasteners. Next remove the hose clamp connecting the inlet tube to the mass-air sensor. Air inlet should slide out of place. Next using a 5/16" wrench or socket remove the bolt holding the air box to the fender. The air box and or silencer should slide out with ease.


Step 3: Take two smaller hoseclamps included with the package along with the rubber hose inlet and mount them to the throttle body using a flat head screwdriver or a nutdriver. Next connect the AEM inlet chrome inlet tube to the throttle body rubber hose inlet.

Step 4: Connect the mass air housing with an AEM rubber sleeve and hose clamp. Tighten hose clamp with a nut driver or flat head screwdriver. Next take AEM brace that came with the kit and mount to appropriate bracket accessories.


Step 5: Attach the air filter using an AEM clamp. Tighten down using a nut-driver or flathead screwdriver. Re-attach the Mass-Air sensor and tempature probe to its original position. Finally make sure everything has been re-connected that was before. Enjoy the mod!





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