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Kenny Brown CSR IRS aluminum Diff Bushings

The aluminum bushing kit offers a dramatic reduction in wheel-hop under hard acceleration by eliminating the deflection that rubber bushings normally present. The zero-deflection aluminum bushing offers dramatically improved grip on corner exit or under hard launches at the drag strip. Also the aluminum acts as a heat-soak to absorb heat generated by the rear differential. The kit also has a series of shims which are built-in to the design, but can be removed one at a time allowing you to adjust the pinion angle to compensate for lowering the vehicle or to fine tune the drivetrain and eliminate unwanted vibrations.
Installation Photos

Kenny Brown Forward Torque Brace

The IRS Forward Torque Brace helps control torque induced rear carrier deflection which helps reduce wheel hop experienced in IRS cars. It also improves traction and overall handling. Installation Photos

Kenny Brown Rear Steer Kit (#49550)

The Cobra IRS has a problem with excessive rear steer induced by body roll during cornering that can impair handling.
The Kenny Brown IRS Adjustable Inner Tie-rod Kit allows for the adjustment of the inner tie rod end to help reduce this and improve cornering.Installation Photos

Magnaflow Cobra Catback 4.6 Kit 3.5 Tips #15644

Magnaflow cat back part #15644 is made for the 99-01 Cobras. This kit comes with all the neccessary hardware to bolt this system right up. These systems outflow OEM designs by as musch as 167%. Made from large diameter mandrel bent tubing and features Stainless steel polished 3.5" tips. Magnaflow catback systems deliver power through the straight through muffler design along with high quality and a smooth deep agressive tone.
Installation Photos


MAC Off Road X-Pipe that is HTS Coated. It comes with all the hardware and in two peices to make installation a little easier.


No imitation Stainless Steel Letters here. These are the real deal straight from SW Designs. SW Designs Stainless Bumper Letters were the first 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Letters on the market. Stainless Bumper Letters inserts are laser cut from 1/16"(16 Gauge) Mirror Stainless Steel. They are held in place by 3M VHB 2-sided emblem tape to insure they will never fall off. These letters are the highest quality on the market today. Installation Photos




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