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We will be dynoing Project Texas Heat at Dallas Mustang after 500 Miles have been put on the engine. We will post the dyno numbers along with the graphs, etc..

Dallas Mustang is very pleased to be one of the few DFW resources operating a state-of-the-art Dynojet Chassis Dynamometer. Whether fine-tuning your performance modifications, making before/after comparisons, or simply base-lining your power/torque curves, DM dyno sessions are valuable steps in your performance upgrade path.

For late-model, computer-controlled vehicles, DM's Chipmaster software package and extensive electronic diagnostics accurately analyze ignition, air/fuel, cooling, shift points, and many more system operations. Certain custom performance chips can even be reprogrammed on the spot, to maximize every adjustable parameter of your vehicle's computer system.

For non-computer controlled engines, dyno sessions are equally valuable in fine-tuning air/fuel mixtures and ignition timing to maximize your vehicle's power/torque curves. DM dyno sessions are especially useful if you need to make a/b comparisons of intakes, carburetors, headers, exhaust, heads, cams, or custom porting/polishing.

Three-pull dyno runs are only $55, and provide you with accurate, printed graphs of your vehicle's power and torque curves. These sessions typically take about an hour with no mechanical or programming adjustments being made. Dyno tuning sessions range from $300-$500 (depending on the vehicle and complexity of upgrades) and typically take from 4-6 hours to allow mechanical/programming adjustments and complete cool down periods.

For cars with few or no performance modifications three-pull dyno runs are a great way to baseline your cars performance. However, dyno tuning sessions for those same cars are not recommended. Spending $300 or more for minimal (3-5hp) gains is simply not a good investment. On the other hand, the more extensive the performance upgrades, the more critical and beneficial dyno tuning sessions can be in extracting every ounce of potential.

DM's expert tuners are very effective tuning vehicles for maximum performance. Even so, it is worth noting that a vehicle may already be operating as well as possible when it pulls in the door; or that particular combinations of upgrades simply do not work well together. So while the dyno remains an extremely valuable analytical tool, and significant gains are possible, we cannot guarantee any session will result in specific performance improvements.





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