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2005 Mustang Convertible
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2005 Ford Mustang Convertible
The 2005 Ford Mustang convertible, which will reach showrooms in the spring of 2005, is the first in a string of specialty versions of the new Mustang. Just as noteworthy, it is the most solid, best handling and most refined open-air version yet of this American legend.
The New Mustang Convertible shares its foundation with the bold, hot-selling 2005 Mustang coupe. The convertible top looks good up or down and folds down in a new z pattern; it protects against wind noise and water when up. Clever touches manage air flow, make interior comfortable and quiet.
The convertible uses the same ingredients that have made the 2005 Mustang coupe magical:
  • Totally new architecture
  • Muscular stance
  • Bold style
  • Brawny engine
  • Rear-drive excitement
  • Affordability
And because the convertible was designed alongside the coupe and not as an afterthought, it is much more solid than coupe-derived convertibles of the past. Better still, it retains all of the personality that has made the Ford Mustang one of the most-loved automotive nameplates in history.
There are more than 250 Mustang clubs from around the world with the largest - The Mustang Club of America - touting some 11,000 members alone. And when you consider that of the nearly eight million Mustangs sold since 1965, almost one million of them have been convertibles - it's clear that the convertible is a key part of Mustang's success.
The 2005 Mustang convertible was designed from the ground up to deliver a more rigid body structure without adding burdensome weight. This was accomplished by engineering it in tandem with the coupe. An added benefit of this process - one that helped meet a goal set for the convertible's exterior design - was that it provided the car with a cohesive, integrated look. It does not look like a coupe that has undergone reconstructive surgery to become a convertible.
The fabric top also seals better than did those of previous models and it affords superior rearward visibility. Looking for new and better ways to do things, Ford engineers designed a z-fold top that gives the Mustang convertible a finished appearance with the top down.
Aside from the top, the 2005 Mustang convertible shares the look of a legend with its coupe sibling. The signature long hood, short deck and classic design cues may be found on both. There's an unmistakable hint of Mustang notchbacks of yesteryear in the convertible's profile and stance - with the same athletic proportions, save for today's bigger, wider wheels and tires, that make it look as good at rest as it does at speed.
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