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2006 Ford Mustang
2006 Mustang Safety & Security
With power comes responsibility. The 2006 Mustang helps occupants stay safe.

Ford's Personal Safety System™, a comprehensive safety technology package, is st and ard. The system provides increased protection in frontal crashes by analyzing crash factors and determining the proper response within milliseconds. It uses dual-stage driver and front-passenger air bags – capable of deploying at full or partial power – safety belt pretensioners and energy management retractors.

Standard occupant classification sensing builds on the strength of the Personal Safety System™ to tailor deployment of the front-passenger air bag. If the passenger seat sensor detects no weight – or very little weight, as for a briefcase – the passenger air bag is automatically switched off. If more weight is on the seat, as for a small child, the air bag remains deactivated and an instrument panel light alerts the driver. If a heavier adult is in the passenger seat, the air bag automatically switches on.

An optional active anti-theft package offers customers a new level of security. It includes a sensing module to guard against tow-away thefts, an interior motion sensor to detect "smash- and -grab" break-ins, a separate alarm sounder – in addition to the vehicle horn – to thwart thieves trying to disable the horn and a high-capacity, 60-ampere-hour battery that sounds the alarm longer.


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