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2005 Saleen Mustang
Body Structure
Precise, fun-to-drive handling starts with a highly rigid platform and body structure. The foundation for the new S281 Mustang is a high strength steel body shell that is completely new. It's 31-percent stiffer in torsion, meaning a twisting force of 15,500 lb-ft can deform the body by only one degree. The body is also 49-percent more resistant to bending forces. These dramatic leaps in body stiffness not only contribute to the 2005 S281's markedly improved dynamic characteristics but also have parallel benefits in accident protection.
Engineering a body with such high stiffness creates a passenger safety cage that helps protect the cabin from deformation and intrusion.
The front structure is designed to absorb energy in a controlled manner and dissipate it before it can reach the passenger compartment. The front rails have an octagonal shape to spread forces evenly at the firewall and progressively deform for increased protection in demanding, offset frontal crashes.
Front Suspension
Saleen customers demand an S281 Mustang with handling to match the car's acceleration potential. And this is an area where Saleen's racing expertise and experience played a major role in the S281's chassis development. Saleen developed special springs, shocks, and anti-roll bars to control body roll and to provide crisp cornering. Bushings made from high durometer rubber are used to achieve the direct steering response for which Saleen sports cars are noted. During the S281's development, Saleen tested the car on roads and tracks around the country to achieve what they believe is an optimum ride and handling balance.
Rear Suspension
For 2005, The S281 Mustang's sold axle rear suspension has new three-link architecture with a lightweight, tubular Panhard rod providing precise control of the rear axle. This technology stabilizes the rear axle as the wheels move, particularly during hard cornering.
Thanks to the Panhard rod, the 2005 rear suspension is four times stiffer laterally than the previous design. The added lateral stiffness, working in conjunction with an axle tube with increased wall thickness and a larger outside diameter, helps keep the tire flat on the road for greater cornering power and more precise handling.
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