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2005 Saleen Mustang
The four-wheel disc brakes fitted to the S281 model have the biggest rotors and stiffest calipers ever fitted to an S281 as standard equipment. Twin-piston aluminum calipers clamp down on 12.4-inch ventilated front brake discs, an increase of more than 15 percent in rotor size compared to last year. In the rear, the brake rotors are 11.8 inches in diameter, more than 12 percent larger than on the 2004 model. In addition, the 2005 rear rotors are vented. A four-channel anti-lock braking system and all-speed traction control provide additional assistance during emergency maneuvers.
When traction control isn't desired, like when a smokey burnout at the drag strip is in order, drivers can deactivate the system with a simple button on the instrument panel.
Wheels and Tires
Saleen-designed 20-inch alloy wheels are standard on all three S281 models. Up front, the wheels are 9 inches wide, and the rears are 9 inches as well. All S281's are equipped with high-performance radials. Sizes are 275/35ZR20 all around. Optional are ultra-high performance Pirelli P-Zero Rossos, 275/35ZR20s up front with 275/40ZR20s fitted to the 10-inch wide rear wheels.
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