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2006 Saleen Mustangs
Coupe Models:
Convertible Models:

The Saleen S281 4.6-liter, three-valve supercharged coupe with the V8 engine gets bumped to 435 horsepower for the 2006 model year, an increase of 35 hp over the 2005 model, the company said Wednesday.

The 2006 Saleen S281 3 Valve's 4.6-liter, single-overhead-cam V8 makes 330 hp, an increase of 5 horsepower over the previous model.

The Saleen 281 with the Racecraft suspension has a base price of $42,281. The S281 supercharged coupe is priced at $51,102 and the S281 supercharged convertible starts at $55,989, the specialty manufacturer said.

The company also has introduced its 2006 "cool tops" line, including the 2006 Saleen Speedster, which is equipped with a sport bar and a tonneau. It will be available by November. The 2006 S281 coupe can be equipped with the new Saleen "scenic roof," a moonroof that extends from the windshield to the back window. That will be in production by January, the company said.

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