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Big block and small block V8 owners of all types may want to take a second look the next time a "V6" Mustang pulls up to the light as Carroll Shelby International Inc's wholly owned subsidiary Shelby Automobiles, Inc. announces the new Shelby CS 6 Mustang concept vehicle. Shelby Automobiles, known for speed and performance through the leadership of legendary racecar driver and Cobra creator Carroll Shelby, will offer a modified V6-engined 2006 Ford Mustang, dubbed the CS 6.

Packed with a NOVI-1200 Supercharger from Paxton Automotive Corp., the CS 6 is destined to be the next great sports car from Shelby Automobiles pumping out an incredible 350+ horsepower. The Shelby CS 6 will be introduced at the Vortech/Paxton Booth during the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas.

The CS 6 features a Shelby-exclusive Paxton NOVI-1200 Centrifugal Supercharger, unsurpassed in high performance, reliability and quiet operation. The bolt-on NOVI-1200 is based on Paxton's race-proven gear case, helical-cut gears constructed from billet-steel, aerospace-quality high-speed bearings and an air/water charge cooler. The CS 6 will be one of the most powerful supercharger kits for the V6 Mustang available on the market and its 350+ HP is a significant increase over the 210 HP of the stock Mustang and the GT version.

"Shelby Automotive is excited to offer the CS 6 with a focus on balance, performance and affordability," said Amy Boylan, President of Shelby Automobiles. "With the Paxton Supercharger, the suspension modifications and the subtle cosmetic enhancements, the CS 6 will remind enthusiasts of the old GT350 -- fast and strong but light on its feet. There is going to be a lot of excitement from speed aficionados when the CS 6 hits the market."

2005 marks the 40th Anniversary of the Paxton-supercharged Shelby Mustang legacy dating back to the famed GT350 and GT500 programs in the late 1960's. In 1965, Carroll Shelby fitted a prototype Paxton Supercharger to the GT350 starting the Shelby/Paxton relationship. Eleven total Paxton supercharger kits were installed by the Shelby factory and a number of additional kits were sold to customers for retro installation. The CS 6 stands poised to continue the great Shelby/Paxton tradition of producing consummate performance-modified autos.

The Shelby CS 6 is racing-styled in the custom of great Shelby cars from the past but updated to create a unique and modern design. Among the interior and exterior modifications to the CS 6:

Stage 1 & 2 Packages are Below


Stage 1 - Appearance Package
  • Side Scoops
  • Exclusive 20 ' American Racing Wheels
  • Shelby Front Fascia
  • Custom Upper and Lower Grilels
  • Hood Pins
  • Rear Logo
  • Dash Plaque
  • Door Kick Panel inlay Set
  • Shelby Interior Upgrade Kit
  • Custom Striping and Graphics Set
Stage 2 - Performance Package
  • All Stage 1 Parts Shown Above
  • Suspension Upgrade
  • Borla Dual Exhaust
  • Shelby Rear Fascia
  • Rear Gear Upgrade
  • Exclusive Paxton Intercooled Supercharger - 350 HP
  • Baer Signature Series Brakes w/Shelby Calipers
Available in the first part of 2006, the Shelby CS 6 will be sold through Shelby Automobiles Las Vegas headquarters and a national dealer network. Interested buyers can contact Shelby Automobiles at (702) 942-7325 or visit the company's web site at www.shelbyautos.com for more info.

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